The idea

Former football player and founder of Secuderm, Eric Gilli was operated several times on the knees.

“I always had the same problem: how to shower without degrading my bandages? ” He recalls.

“I wanted to protect the dressing so that it is waterproof, even on a joint. ”

He then had a simple idea: separate the film from the gel. We first set the gel, and then apply the film to the desired size.

It was in this spirit of service that the unique and patented concept was developed.

Adventure beginnings

The first tests were carried out in 2005.

After validating the idea with medical professionals, he filed a patent and creates Secuderm in October 2005.

The first prototypes are created in early 2006, and then everything goes very quickly for the young entrepreneur.

“At first my idea was to turn to the balneotherapy sector. But I needed technical expertise. I found it through the French Navy, to whom the concept drew a quick interest. ”

This meeting was decisive for Secuderm: doctors of the French Navy validated the use and product performance for commando swimmers.

This validation then revealed the strength of the concept, the uniqueness of the solution and its performance.

Secuderm is also then sought after by the first hospital services: a doctor utilise then and made a presentation to the French convention of care of bedsores. Other doctors used in intensive care unit in Toulon.

The unique design and unprecedented performance reveals itself to be a new genuine care solution.

It allows to provide unprecedented protection for catheters, allowing a safe shower and bath for patients, and to most of them for the first time.

This experience has also opened opportunities for the scuba-diving and boating sector.

Thus was born Secuderm, a true technology that protects the treated areas or care device and frees the patient.

Key Milestones

  • 2005: Filing of Patent and creation of the company
  • 2006: First prototypes
  • 2007: Test report of Navy doctors on combat swimmers validating the relevance and performance of the concept
  • 2008: Establishment of industrialization and CE Marking
  • 2010: Publication of 5 pages in the journal “Journal of wounds and wound healing,” about using Secuderm by commandos operation in Guyana
  • 2011: Secuderm team APHM (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille), 2nd hospital center in France
  • 2012: US Patent and first sales in pharmacies
  • 2013: 3 posters in Francophone Congress of the wound and the healing resumed at (EWMA European Wound Management Association)
  • 2014: Redesign of the range (integration of S and XL models) and packaging
  • 2016: Signing an international distribution agreement with Vygon to protect catheters (hospitals and home care).

Our ambition

A sharp vision of the future

Today, thanks to its innovation and patents, Secuderm is currently the only provider of first and second dressing protection.

We are now working closely and partnering with catheters manufacturer, dressings, bandage & creams manufacturers, and our technology is a solid base for any type of innovation in this field of application.

Secuderm is currently workng on extending its solution to include a Anti UV protection.

The future also also lies in connected solutions… Secuderm actively work on a relevant and unique offer in this domain.

The technology platform associated with the concept allows us to offer our partners a relevant product that meets the expectations and needs of its customers!

This new horizons for Secuderm, thus new & extended applications as well as new patents … and therefore increase the solutions range offered.

Concurrently, the company is accelerating its commercial development by signing distribution partnerships around the world.

Secuderm has a legitimacy that provide a relevant solution, unique and efficient for everyone. So as to provide a solutions to dissatisfaction, needs or problems patients and / or caregivers have.

Eric Gilli

Secuderm Founder

Awards & Prizes

  • 2008: Laureate Entrepreneurship Network
  • 2009 Winner 1st trophy Act’santé
  • 2009 Presentation New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2010: Post Congress of the European Society Woundcare
  • 2010: Various Medical Publications in French Companies
  • 2013: Major publication in the Journal of French and Francophone society Wound and Healing
  • 2013: 3 Posters in Congress Wound and Healing
  • 2013: 3 Posters at the European Woundcare Management Assocation – EWMA
  • 2015: Selected Program MedStartUp – Galien Foundation / US Business France
  • 2016: Price of Benevolence – Trophies positive Entrepeneurs of CGPME13
  • 2016: Nominated Award MedStartUp – Galien Foundation / US Business France

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