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Secuderm- Small (10x10cm)


The Secuderm promise

  • Customized skin protection
  • Does not stick to the protected area
  • Lasts up to 7 days
  • Improves healing
  • Can be cut for 1 to 15 uses
  • Waterproof protection recommended by health professionals

Composition of the Kit

  • 2 Tubes of adhesive gel :
    hypoallergenic silicone based + low ethyl acetate content
  • 1 Strip of polyurethane film:
    Cuttable and flexible – Very breathable

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Product Description

  • Optimal watertightness in total immersion without any discomfort in 100% of the cases for the divers’ movements, even with a neoprene suit at -60m (am-bient humidity, unhealthy water, high hygrometry).
  • A good adaptation to anatomical constraints (shape, relief, folds, friction zones…).
  • A strong adhesiveness in time (12 hours in test) in spite of an intense sports activity of one hour + 2 dives.
  • Respect of the sensitive skins
  • No skin reaction to the gel
  • No maceration
  • No fibrin
  • Quality directed healing 

The protection of the ear in a reliable way is complex. In particular related to the shape of the ear and the small surface to glue. It is often necessary during summer or more chronic otitis. It is then sometimes necessary to use devices called yoyo or diabolos which are trans-tympanic aerators ? It is one of the most proposed treatments when a child has recurrent ear infections.
These drains make it possible to aerate permanently the tympanic box and to avoid the recurrence of the otitis.
It is strongly recommended that you do not go swimming when you have yo-yos. The water could cause inflammation or infection.
No water in the ears, no swimming, no drops.
WatEarProof secures the ears of people with a pierced or weakened eardrum, or the care of ear infections in particular.

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