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Will it be difficult to apply ?

Secuderm® is very easy to apply.


How long do I need to leave it on?

Secuderm® provides protection that adapts to your treatment protocol:

  • Effective and stays in place up to 7 days.
  • Residue-free removal after just 45 min.

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Is it painful to remove the film?

No, removal is painless.
There is no residue if the film has been in place for at least 45 minutes.

If there is adhesive residue, how can it be removed?

You can use any anti-adhesive solution.
You can use 90 % rubbing alcohol. Pour a few drops onto a gauze pad and gently remove residue, taking care not to apply alcohol on a wound or mucous membrane.

About the product

Is the device completely waterproof regardless of conditions: folds, sweating, dirt?

Yes, Secuderm® was designed to fit the epidermal profile perfectly.

The product has been approved by French Military doctors for use by combat divers with joint wounds (popliteal fossa, ankles).

It has also been approved by commando doctors in Guyana (a humid, tropical climate that induces heavy sweating).

Can the protected area or device breathe?

Yes, Secuderm breathes extremely well.

This was shown in a study by Prof. Lurton in Rennes, France. Secuderm’s breathability is equal to the best in the market, more than twice the average of competing products.

The PU-based protective film was selected because of its high breathability.

Furthermore, the protected area is never sticky, meaning there is no adhesive barrier and maximum breathability is maintained.

This prevents problems related to trapped moisture and poor healing.

What are Secuderm’s limitations in terms of shape and size?

There are none.
Secuderm is cut-to-measure. You customise the shape and size of the protection you need.
 As the tube of gel is separate, it can be applied to any contour.

Can we purchase tubes of gel separately?

Due to current regulations, we are unable to sell the gel separately from the film.
Indeed, the product’s performance is a result of the combination of these two precise materials, for which no substitutes can be made.

Will I have enough gel for a large area?

Yes, since the gel serves only as a binder between the skin and the protective film.
The gel does not need to be applied in a thick layer. A thin layer is enough to hold the film in place and make it waterproof. Under these conditions, there is a sufficient quantity of gel.

The outer edge of Secuderm® is not clear!

True. This is because the product is entirely cut-to-measure.

After a few days, black stains appear outside the protected area!

You are correct.
This is visual proof that the barrier is completely waterproof and that the clean area is fully protected.
Generalised darkening would be proof of the contrary.

Will the excess film on the edges increase the risk that the protection will be pulled off?

No, thanks to the film’s high level of flexibility and stretchiness.

Skin tolerance

Is the product well tolerated by the skin?

Secuderm® is a medical device, the components have undergone cutaneous tolerance testing.
The gel is silicone-based. Silicone is known for its tolerance on healthy skin.
Furthermore, there is an established history of using this adhesive on the skin.
Both materials were designed in collaboration with pharmacists from a University Hospital, who selected the most suitable components.

What should be done in the event of an allergy?

The risk of allergy is extremely low. According to our quality department, the percentage of complaints due to allergic reactions is less that 0.1 %.

If an allergy is suspected (itching, irritation, etc.), remove the dressing immediately.
Rinse thoroughly with a saline solution, which should be sterile if needed.
Contact a doctor immediately.

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Using our waterproof protection is really simple. Less than 3 minutes are needed to apply Secuderm over dressing and seal it tight. Validated by french marine and tested down to 60m, it protects the treated areas and frees the patient from any constraint.


Tested and Approved by the french Marines down to 60m depth.

Pansement validé médecins marine nationale

Used and recommended
by medical professional