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Secuderm® is a 100% waterproof innovative protective system designed to provide totally made-to-measure protection for an area, without causing stickiness. Secuderm® is used as a secondary dressing (to protect a dressing, pad, cream, catheter or any other device). It’s a Class 1 medical device, as a secondary dressing – polyurethane protective sheet. Secuderm has several international patents for this technology.

Extremely flexible, stretchy, modular and highly breathable, Secuderm® is suitable for all locations. It allows daily washing (shower, bath, immersion for long periods) and improves the hold of primary dressings, keeping your treatment in place, irrespective of the area (skin folds, joints, fingers, toes, palms of the hand, etc.) and stresses exerted (sweating, movements, water, sport).

Good hold for up to 7 days.

In other words, Secuderm protects the treated areas and frees the patient.

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Phone :  +33 4 42 84 78 59

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