Protects treated areas & frees the patients

An innovative and patented concept, the result of 10 years of R&D

A revolution for patients!

Unique waterproof protection and breathability.

Thanks to the combination of a protective film and application of a separate adhesive gel.

Secuderm ® is an innovative product offering a non-stick protective film associated with a  separate adhesive gel. Together both elements adapt themselves precisely to the area in need of protection.

Secuderm ® is designed to closely hug the contours of the skin and is, to date, the most effective waterproof protective barrier on the market. The gel marries perfectly to shape of the covered treatment zone by “filling-in” the irregular curves of certain parts of the body.

The combination of liquid gel and protective film assure, as a result, 100% water-tightness.

The unique concept and unrivaled performance of this product provides a completely new system of care.

The combination of materials was developed in association with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Marseille who determined the choice of components.

Secuderm ® has been tested and validated by divers in the French Navy to depth of 60m.

pansement étanche piscine

A technical protective film with exceptional properties

Secuderm® kits consist of a sheet of polyurethane film that can be cut and one or more tubes of adhesive gel (depending on the size) for application to the skin, containing hypoallergenic (anti-allergen) silicone and ethyl acetate (highly volatile ingredient that prevents the gel from hardening and has the same odour as acetone-free solvent). Dermatologically-approved adhesive gel.

The mechanical properties of the polyurethane allow the protective film to ensure that the treated area is completely waterproof in one sense whilst enabling gasses to escape from the affected area. Secuderm® has been commended in particular for its complete breathability.

Other advantages include the protective film never getting stuck on the protected area (only fastening to the external contours of the film and therefore maintaining maximum breathability).

Its innovative concept therefore forms a non-sticky cell over the protected area, allowing the skin to breathe better and thereby avoiding any risks of maceration.

Elected as one of the most breathable protective treatments (in a study on the breathability of different protective dermatological systems, 2016, SIDVL, Professeur Lurton, CHU Rennes, France)

A flexible and adaptable protective film

Extremely flexible, extendible and modular, the protective polyurethane film is unique in that it adapts to all external locations of body, even in the difficult to treat areas (ears, between fingers and toes, hands, Gluteal folds and clefts). It’s unique characteristics allow it to also cover voluminous devices such as catheters.

The application process is quite simple in that it is necessary to cut-to-size the Secuderm film adapting only to the size and shape of the treatment area. As the gel is separate, it can be applied around any outline. The flexibility and adaptability of Secuderm makes it a unique, innovative and ultra-effective technology.

The product was tested and approved by French military medical officers for use in battle in the case of complicated wounds in difficult to protect areas due to shape (ankles, gluteal folds).
Secuderm was also tested and approved by commandos on a mission in Guyana which is in a wet, tropical climate where perspiration is paramount.

Modular dermatological protection, breathable and adaptable; it allows a durable and waterproof solution to protect your treated areas.

Breathable, adjustable and flexible to 2x its initial coverage, our kits comes in 4 sizes to fit your specific needs:

S (10x10cm) | M(10x20cm) | L (20x30cm) | XL (20x50cm)

Protection étanche cathéter & film de protection

A care treatment bound to evolve

Pansement connecté protection étanche

An enormous medical potential!

The concept of Secuderm has a solid innovative and secured base which serves as a platform in the future evolution of this type of solution (size, shape, colour, digitisation)

The technology associated with this concept offers a product which fulfils customer expectations!

Catheters, chronic wounds, post-operative, ear- protection …
It offers new solutions, and has just been patented …with new solutions being declined.

Secuderm makes it a rule to answer only to patient and nursing needs or problems which have not been addressed previously.

It is also, a developed waterproof and UV protection system.

Secuderm kits will be available by the end of 2016.

And the future is becoming more connected to the needs in health management… The Secuderm R&D teams are actively developing a unique and pertinent offer in this field.

Watch this space!


Secuderm®, la seule protection

100% waterproof
100% adaptable
Fits any type of areas & constraints

Arevolution for patients !

Brevet Européen Secuderm